What Our Patients Say


Six weeks ago, I had a hip replacement.I was very unsure about having a hip repacement as it seemed such a drastic step but now feel better than I have felt for months! I didn't realise how much pain I was in until it stopped! The operation was far less daunting than I thought it would be. After a sedative, I awoke as it was finishing. Three days after my operation, I went home feeling rather fragile but still better than I had felt before. Any pain from day one was controlled with medication ; something I had not managed to achieve before the operation. Without trying to sound melodramatic, I feel as if I have got my life back and I understand that I will continue to improve over the next six months. I cannot thank Mr. Jafri and his team enough!

C.N.B. (Hartlepool)

Having suffered for a long time with severe pain ,discomfort and a reduction in movement in my left hip , on 15.09.15. I had major hip joint replacement surgery performed by consultant surgeon Mr. Anwar Jafri and his medical team at the Nuffield Health Tees Hospital , Norton, Stockton on Tees. Now 6 months into my recovery I’m walking normal, doing my household chores, gardening ,DIY,and just this week started playing golf again and walking the course! All with ease, no pain and no discomfort. I can highly recommend to anyone who is suffering from similar symptoms that I endured to have this replacement surgery, it will change your life for the better as it has me . If in the future I require any more operations on my joints I will certainly be getting Mr.Anwar Jafri to do the surgery as he has done a marvellous job on my left hip, and I can without hesitation highly recommend Mr. Anwar Jafri to anyone who requires similar replacement surgery.


Who would have thought just 6 weeks after a total knee replacement I could be so pain free and active.
My first knee replacement was 8 months ago and having heard so many horror stories I was nervous to say the least. I returned from theatre not even realizing the procedure was over. My physio began the following day and although it was painful to begin with if you follow the exercises recommended and take the painkillers required you could be up and about in just a few weeks. I was!

I was even more nervous leading up to the second knee replacement because I knew what to expect. I was told no two operations are the same. I can honestly say the second knee replacement was far easier. I took on board how important the exercises are and if the painkillers are taken correctly you can cope far easier.

Less than a year ago my life was miserable. Constantly in pain and barely able to walk. My wife and I would like to say a very big thank you to you and your staff. I have my life back. Its the best decision I have ever made.

Many thanks


In 2010 I began to suffer severe pain in my left knee which was ongoing and debilitating. This affected my daily life in a most distressing manner as I was in constant pain and severely restricted in any physical activity. I had no quality of life due to this. It was at this point when I was referred to see Mr Jafri at the Nuffield. I was given an x-ray and Mr Jafri explained that I needed a hip replacement urgently which was scheduled for July 2013. Mr Jafri performed the surgery himself with great success. Throughout the process Mr Jafri explained everything to me in great detail and answered all of my questions. Mr Jafri always made me feel that he had time for me and I never felt rushed when in consultations with him. He has an excellent bedside manner and I could not have had better care.

In the October of 2015 I had my right hip replacement operation, again performed by Mr Jafri. Once again I felt looked after before, during and after the surgery and again it was a great success. Mr Jafri instilled in me a great sense of confidence in his care and skill as a surgeon to the point where I had no concerns about the surgery and aftercare.

This experience has given me back my life. I cannot thank him and the staff at the Nuffied enough including the physiotherapy department who gave me exercises to do every day, several times a day. I did the exercises as directed and am convinced that this played a huge part in my rehabilitation. I would strongly advise anyone who has this operation to perform daily exercises without fail.

Thank you for all of your time and care, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.


I thank you every day for the vast improvement in the quality of my life following my 2 knee replacements in November 2013 and then March 2015.
I'm pain free and can walk without difficulty and thought you might like to see how I put my new knees to good use last September, 5000 feet high in the Shenadoah National Park.

Again, thank you.


I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee in 2011. The pain was so great that I found walking difficult at times, I didn't think it would even be possible to walk down the aisle at my daughters wedding.

I was offered knee replacement surgery. Although keen to take this option, I was worried about having surgery and how I would feel in the months after. Would I ever be able to walk without pain again? How would my knee feel? I was referred to Mr Jafri who explained the procedure to me; he provided reassurance and explained what the operation entailed and the after care. Having considered his advice, I decided to have the surgery.

I had the operation under a spinal anaesthetic. The thought of this concerned me but it was surprisingly pain and discomfort free. I was given exercises to help rehabilitate the knee which at initially I found uncomfortable but, after two days, I did notice the improvement they made. Within a week I could walk unaided. This was such a pleasant surprise. Within 6 weeks I felt fully recovered, driving again and walking pain free.

I would encourage anyone who is in my situation to have the knee replacement surgery. I never thought I would ever feel so agile and pain free as I do, and I cannot thank Mr Jafri and his team enough for the wonderful care and advice they provided.


I am writing to thank you and all the staff at Nuffield Stockton for the excellent care I received while I was in your care.My replacement knee as been a huge success and has given me a much improved quality of life.I can do a lot of things I had had to give up I.e. golf, walking etc. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone requiring a knee replacement. I did my part by doing all the rehab. exercises I was given to do and by heeding your advice to be patient and build up my walking etc. gradually.


My first meeting with Dr Jafri took place in November 2012 to discuss the replacement of my extremely painful left hip, i found that he explained the proceedure in a positive, friendly and thoroughly professional manner, at the end of this meeting i had no qualms about agreeing for Dr Jafri to go ahead with the operation and even asked if it could be done at the earliest opportunity, to which Mr Jafri promised that he would attempt to do so.
A couple of days later i was contacted by the hospital on behalf of Mr Jafri and a date for the operation was set for Dec 19th which was sooner than expected but gladly accepted due to the severity of the pain from the hip.
In my opinion the skill and expertise of Dr Jafri can be best described post opp / recovery time.
Dec 19th, Operation performed approx 7.30pm, woke around 10pm, hip pain free
Dec 20th, After breakfast up and about with walking aid, hip pain free
Dec 21st, Now walking around with 2 walking sticks, Hip pain free
Dec 21st, Visit from Dr Jafri and after chat told i could go home, hip pain free.
Approx 10 days later i was walking around house without any sticks
4 weeks after op i was walking the dog without sticks
Early Feb after my 6 week check up Dr Jafri advised me that i can return to work.
I write this mail after my 3 month check up with Dr Jafri i, think he was just as pleased as i am with my progress of recovery.
The relief from pain which was effecting all of my life and had lasted for the past 5 years is now just a memory, only 3 months after the opp i am leading a normal life and still totally pain free.
As i said previously the skill and expertise of Dr Jafri can be measured in my recovery which in my opinion is exceptional, my only regret is that i suffered for 5 years before before meeting Dr Jafri and i would not hesitate in strongly recommending him to anyone who has any doubts with going ahead with a hip replacement

Many thanks for giving me my quality of life back.


I had a left a left hip replacement two years ago which was a great success. From my first appointment with Mr Jafri, any concerns were addressed to the surgery nursing care physiotherapy and follow up appointments the care was excellent.


After putting up with much pain in my right hip due to osteoarthritis, I knew it was time to seek help from a consultant and his team regarding the situation.
I was really frightened and anxious about going ahead with my surgery, but Mr Jafri, his anaesthetist and team put me at complete ease from beginning to end, not even realising that I had been into theatre and that it was all over. So happy and relieved I am pain free and starting back with the hobbies and fitness regimes which I love. Thank you all so very much for the care and attention I received, I am truly grateful to you all.


I had an industrial accident 25 years ago which resulted in a dislocated femur and fractured pelvis, after 6 weeks in traction and some physiotherapy I returned home. The following 25 years saw a gradual decrease in my mobility and flexibility and an increase in pain in my hip joint which was beginning to affect my quality of life and ability to work. I contacted my GP in January 2012 and after an X ray and further consultation with my GP practice, I was referred to Mr. Anwar Jafri at the Nuffield Hospital Norton.

From the first meeting with Mr. Jafri I began to feel that something could be done about the pain I was experiencing. Mr Jafri explained the procedure to me and within a few weeks of the first consultation I was being prepped for a full hip replacement. I had not had any surgery before so did not know what to expect. Don't be surprised if you wake up before the end, you won't feel anything or see anything, I had my 'I pod' on full blast all the way through but slept through most of the procedure. When you are back on the ward and the pain relief starts to disappear it will hurt, but in a different way and you won't want to move out of bed, but it's important that you do and follow the physio's instructions and guidance. The first 3- 4 weeks after the op are uncomfortable and you will still have that different pain but keep up with the physio and it gets better faster and faster. I had my operation on May 30th 2012, in September of 2012 I was lucky enough to go on a Caribbean holiday and swam further each day than I had since before my fall 25 years ago and managed to sit still for 9 1/2 hours each way on the plane . I have had no pain in my left hip joint since the operation and can only thank Mr. Jafri and all the staff at the Nuffield for all their care and consideration.


I have recently been discharged by my consultant Mr Anwar Jafri after having very successful hip replacement surgery at Nuffield Health Hospital through the NHS. I was very nervous but l was reassured by Mr Jafri and his brilliant team. The operation went well, l was looked after by very caring nursing staff. After l was discharged l had physio wich was brilliant for building up my strength and mobility. I am now FREE from pain and able to walk un -aided. Thankyou to a wonderful team