Consulting Options

Mr Jafri see new patients private patients and also ‘Choose and Book ’patients at:

Nuffield Tees Hospital, Stockton - every Thursday morning and Monday evening.

Mr Jafri  is registered as a consultant with all major medical insurance companies.

  • What is 'NHS Choose and Book ?
    Since April 2008 the government legislated that patients have the right to choose the hospital they would like to be treated in, as long as it meets stringent quality standards. This could include their local NHS hospital or a private hospital, such as the Tees Nuffield in Stockton
  • How do I get referred?
    You can make a request to your GP to be referred for 'NHS Choose and Book'. Similarly if you would like to be seen as a private patient your GP can refer you.


Download an explanation about medical fees in the private sector.pdf